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·       Mid June- December

Preparing Tips:

·  Can be eaten raw in salads, baked, stir- fries, and sautéed.

·      Do not overcook collards as it will turn limp and mushy.

Storage Tips:

·    Unwashed collards placed in a perforated bag will keep for about 1 week in the refrigerator.

Nutritional Info:

·      Contains high levels of beta carotene, vitamin A and E.

·      Kale also provides some folate, calcium iron, and potassium.

·      Rich in bioflavonoids that help prevent against cancer.

·      High in fiber and low in calories.


Cut off large, tough stems; discard all damaged leaves. Wash thoroughly several times. Blanch 1 lb. of greens in 2 gallons of water. Blanch for 3 minutes. Cool immediately in cold water, drain, package, and freeze. 

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