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 We have decided to expand our CSA program to include fruit.                                                                                                


Unlike our vegetable shares we will be offering only one size fruit share. The fruit share will include all of the fruit that we grow on our own farm and tree fruit grown by our neighboring farmers in Niagara and Orleans Counties. Fruit might include:

Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Plums
Cherries Pears Peaches Nectarines
Apples Watermelon Cantalope Apricots


10% off additional fruit and vegetable purchases made at the farm

It will run from the beginning of July through September for 15 weeks and will include 4-8 lbs of fruit per week

The cost of a 2019 Fruit Share is $300 and will run 15 weeks. The price breaks down to $20 per week. 

It is not required to be in the vegetable CSA to purchase a fruit share however you will recieve a discount on your fruit share.

  *If you are in our vegetable CSA program you have an option to add fruit for only $250.  A SAVINGS of $50!*

Pay online and Purchase a Fruit CSA Membership online now or

Pay with a check and download a 2019 Fruit CSA registration form here.



Example of fruit shares may look something like this:

  • Week 1 (End of June)
    • 3 qts strawberries
  • Week 4 (Mid July)
    • 1 qt strawberries
    • 1 qt sweet cherries
    • 1 pt peaches
  • Week 10 (End of August)
    • 1 qt apples
    • 1 pt peaches
    • 1 watermelon
    • 1 pt plums
  • Week 13 (Mid of September)
    • 2 qt apples
    • 1 pt raspberries
    • 1 qt peaches