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About Us

Family owned farm featuring over 16 acres of u-pick strawberries, 8 acres of u-pick blueberries, and 2 acres of u-pick red raspberries. Our fall harvest includes a u-pick pumpkin patch and a corn "maize". Unlike many u-pick fruit operations, we WELCOME and ENCOURAGE children of ALL ages to come and experience the fun of u-pick!

Here at Greg's we take a biological approach, combining many organic practices along with conventional agriculture, to produce healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy fruits and vegetables for you to enjoy.

We are not an organic farm. We realize that some people, for medical reasons must be vigilant of pesticides. In chemistry, anything based on carbon is an organic compound. Simply said - a more natural way of farming relies primarily on organic matter.

We use some simple and old practices that even our great-grandparents used. Crop rotation, manures, chicken compost, hydrolyzed fish and kelp are just a few.

Healthy plants can naturally fight off disease and insect pressure, minimizing our need to use pesticides. If need be, however, we do use some. Our investment in time and money is too great. We all want to eat healthy!

We never over spray. Our strawberries, for example, are sprayed once with an insecticide in early May before bloom. Sometimes during fruit formation and even harvest, wet weather conditions can cause loss of fruit and fruit quality. Fungicides that we use to help maintain quality fruit are specially formulated to be used during this time. They are always applied properly.

We also offer a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, which we established in 2015.  Our CSA allows families to have direct access to high quality, fresh, healthy produce that is grown locally, right here in Clarence Center, NY.  It allows families to know where and how their food is produced and to have a connection with the land and us, their farmers.

Our shareholders are taking on the risk with us.  They understand that not all crops will be a success in certain years as we depend on mother nature to get a bountiful harvest or on occasion have crop failure.  When you join our CSA you will own a share of vegetables and recieve them weekly from late June until the beginning of November.  We will do our absolute best to give our shareholders an abundant harvest of the freshest and healthiest produce that you and your families will feel good about eating.

We work hard here at Greg's to bring you quality produce. Produce that tastes good and produce that's good for you.