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Strawberry Fields are CLOSED for the season! We will see you next year!

Blueberries will be ready mid-July! 

Strawberry Hours: Change Daily! Please read our Homepage, Call to hear our voicemail, or check our Facebook/Instagram posts!

2020 U-Pick Prices:
1-7 quarts: $5.50 per quart 

8 quarts or more: $5.00 per quart (Flat = $40) 

Large Quantity Discounts


EVERYONE MUST PICK IN QUARTS. Quarts are available for purchase at check in wagon.

EVERYONE MUST PAY AT WAGON. Cash or Check, ATM located by bathrooms up front.

Already Picked Prices: Located in Farm Store while available. Come early for Already picked!
Fresh Already Picked Berries pricing may vary somewhat because of labor cost.

Full Flats and Individual Quarts are almost always available at the Farm!


Cash or Check, ATM on site, No Pets Please.

We WELCOME and ENCOURAGE children of ALL ages to come and experience the Fun!



Questions? Comments?

Please Email CSA@gregsupick.com

Strawberries do not get sweeter after harvesting. As a result, large brilliantly red commercial berries are often flavorless. While supermarket berries are adequate during the winter, one should not settle for them during summer months.

So be quick about it! The season only lasts about three weeks. Pick early and pick often! And remember..... for the BERRY BEST pick Greg's!

Nutritional Value
1 cup of fresh strawberries contains:
50 calories
1 gram of protein
13 grams of carbohydrates
0 grams of fat
3 grams of fiber
0 milligrams of sodium
One cup of strawberries contains more Vitamin C than an orange!