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Fundraise With Us

Sports Teams, Clubs, Groups, and PTO’s Fundraisers

Do you love the homemade flavors of Greg’s bakery? Are you looking to share these delicious flavors and earn some money for your club or organization while doing so? We bake it and you sell it! Enjoy our delicious pies and donuts to create a successful fundraiser for your organization!

We will help your organization organize a pie and donut fundraiser for orders of 25 pies and 25 donut dozens or more. We will offer a discount off of our retail price allowing you to add several dollars to earn a tasty profit. Collect your orders, submit your total order, and pick up at the farm on a set day to distribute to your customers. The pick up option doesn’t work for you? Sell vouchers to be picked up by customers at the farm!

Or e-mail us at [email protected] and we will provide additional information!