Hear What Others Have To Say


“Greg’s U-Pick embodies the “C“ in CSA. They are all about building a community, embracing the community, and involving their community. My family has gone to Greg’s to pick berries for many years, but becoming a CSA member was a game changer. I am a mom of 5, ages ranging from 5 to 22. My husband and I remember driving 4 of our hesitant kids to the farm for Greg’s first event of the year where we had an opportunity to plant sunflowers and meet the farmers. By the time we left, the kids were begging us to come back each week! Surprisingly, it was not just the animals, country store, big red barn full of produce or beautiful grounds that drew us in… it was the people! Every farmer and worker at Greg’s is so kind and welcoming! They encouraged us to learn the names of the animals and feed them, plant sunflowers with them, understand the importance of knowing where our food comes from and celebrate in a bountiful harvest with various events all year long. They welcomed us in and encouraged us to become a part of this beautiful community with them. We knew from that very first day that we stumbled upon something truly special.”

As a mom, I couldn’t be more grateful for something that my entire family can enjoy doing together. Even our eldest, who now has a family of her own, meets us each week at the farm. I can honestly say that some of our most cherished family memories will be of our special weekly trips to Greg’s. Thank you for all that you do to embrace your families and create a community among us.”

– Gina B.

“The friendly staff was eager to accommodate our group’s needs and ensure that our group’s event went off without a hitch. They were a pleasure to work with, and the variety of activities available made our outing a festive occasion. Would highly recommend Greg’s U-Pick as a great venue!”

– Dan S.

“I learned about Greg’s 22 years ago when I was at their market on Transit Road during strawberry season. Greg invited us to his farm to pick berries and I was so surprised he wanted a family with a toddler traipsing through the strawberry patch. Greg said that is exactly who he wanted in his strawberry patch so off we went. We have picked so many berries there every year since and our toddlers and children have come home with sticky fingers, sunburnt noses and smiles. They have made and enjoyed preserves and pies and breads made with their bounty. So when Greg’s started their CSA, our family was one of the first to join and we have never looked back. All the fruits and vegetables are amazing. You can taste the sunshine in the weekly share! Produce we weren’t familiar with before have become family favorites and new recipes and storage ideas are shared over the bins and on the CSA FB page with other families. Greg’s CSA has become a place of community – picking beans and tomatoes and berries, herbs and flowers, eating corn and ice cream and donuts, enjoying a bonfire with CSA friends. Now my toddlers are grown and they come home from work or college and can’t wait to get to Greg’s. CSA day is everybody’s favorite day!!!”

– Gail F.

“We are so very thankful to the entire staff at Greg’s U-Pick for providing our preschool with a wonderful field trip once again! Over the past several years. we’ve attended them elsewhere prior to trying them, and honestly we’ll keep coming as long as they’re offering them! The field trips are always packed with activities leaving our kids and families engaged the entire time. What I love about this place is that they truly educate our little ones, but in such a hands-on way that our kids love it and stay interested. From stories, to planting crops, to selecting pumpkins right off the vine, each trip is unique from the year before making it our favorite field trip spot. In addition to the field trip, they are simply generous and giving, always donating items to our classroom for further learning. They are wonderful at Greg’s U-Pick!”

– Michelle

“Greg’s U-Pick farm CSA is amazing and keeps evolving based on feedback to get better every year! They are family focused with lots of events and treats and my 2 favorite parts are the Facebook page where we share recipes and ideas and the ability to have substitute items and pick our own produce! The variety is amazing and the u-pick herbs, periodic veggies and flowers and truly a treat as well! I miss going every week over those few winter months there is no share and can’t wait for spring each year to start going again and eating fresh local produce and visiting with the staff who is so friendly…”

– Colleen E.

“Our family has been participating in the CSA at Greg’s for years. It has been a wonderful experience! There is nothing more delicious than enjoying a vast variety of produce grown right in the soil of your own community. Plus it is rewarding to get to know and support hard-working, local farmers. The staff is so friendly. Since you see them on a weekly basis, you get to know them well. They honestly always make you feel like you’re such an important customer each week you visit the farm. And they’re there to help answer questions and offer ideas on how to cook unique veggies.

Greg’s CSA also has fun extras throughout the season like treats from the bakery, feeding the animals, and getting to pick your own beautiful flower arrangements each week. There is nothing more peaceful than being in a giant field of flowers – watching butterflies, bees and hummingbirds – while clipping your bouquet in the sunshine! We also love the larger-scaled seasonal events that happen on the farm, offered free to members. They are so fun and have become a family tradition for us! Our family is so thankful for our Greg’s CSA!”

– Jeanette F.

“We love being a part of the CSA at Greg’s U-Pick. We have participated for 2 years spring through fall. We definitely eat healthier, we have learned tons of new recipes, and we love all of the u-pick opportunities, since they ensure that our kids know where their food comes from and how it grows. The family events are great fun, but my kids love to come each week to visit all the animals, pick flowers, and select the foods they are going to eat for the week. The community of members share great ideas and offer the opportunity to show off your creativity and ideas. The selections each week are varied and delicious; but most importantly we like investing in the farm and rolling with what nature provides.”

– Brooke L.

“Greg’s U-Pick is one of our favorite things about living in Western New York. Going to The Farm (as we call it) is a part of how our family lives. We enjoy stopping weekly for our CSA share but we also find ourselves shopping on other days, purchasing meat, dairy, baked goods, snacks, spices, and more. We enjoy supporting our regional economy by buying local whenever possible. The folks at Greg’s are our neighbors; we want them and the people they employ to prosper. But truly, why would anyone not want to purchase food that’s from the land on which we live? Everything is fresh, delicious, and nourishing. More times that we can count, we have watched produce come in directly from the field, then into our shopping bag within minutes. Then, we also enjoy the u-pick opportunities. In the past CSA seasons, we could pick herbs to go with our weekly share. And strawberry picking is an annual tradition! At the farm, we get to savor the best of every season. In addition the amazing selection that Greg’s features, it is a pleasure to go there. Everyone is friendly and helpful; they make us feel like we are family and we feel the same about them. Go to pick, join the CSA, shop at the market. You will be glad you did.”

– Ray & Lisa A.