CSA Memberships

2024 Summer Vegetable Share

Join one of our 18-week Summer Vegetable Shares or bi-weekly shares and enjoy fresh homegrown vegetables weekly from the June 25th – October 22nd, grown on our Clarence Center, New York farm!

Add a Vegetable Share for $33.33 Per Week – $600 for the Season!

Add Two Vegetable Shares for $61.11 Per Week – $1100 for the Season!

Add a Bi-Weekly Vegetable Share for $41.68 Per Pick Up – $375 for the Season!

Add Two Bi-Weekly Vegetable Shares for $77.78 Per Pick Up – $700 for the Season!

We take a biological approach to production, combining organic practices with conventional agriculture to produce a high quality, nutritious product. We do our best to produce all of the share contents on the farm but in the event of a crop failure, we work with other local farms to supplement our production. We started our CSA program and continue our program with the number one goal of providing customers with an abundant variety of beautiful produce offerings.

Enjoy the offering of variety in our Summer Vegetable Shares. Trying new vegetables is strongly encouraged and is a fun part of the CSA model. By eating outside your comfort zone, you could discover your new favorite vegetable! We also work to enjoy fan favorites like lettuce and tomatoes weekly. Substitutions are a part of our program too, visit our FAQ section of the homepage to learn more!

Find the Share that is best for your family!

Our Vegetable Share option is intended for families with 1-4 people, while our two Vegetable Share is intended for larger families.  If coming weekly seems like too much, try picking up every other week as a part of our bi-weekly share. All Summer Vegetable Share members enjoy access to the u-cut flower and herb patch!  

 2024 Summer Vegetable Share Pick Up Times:

Tuesdays 1:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. 
Wednesdays 10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Thursdays 1:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. 

2024 CSA Seasons:

Spring Share: May 7th – June 18th
                                                                                             Summer Share: June 25th – October 26th                                                                                               Flower Share: July 23rd – September 26th
Fall Share: November 5th – December 10th (Break Thanksgiving Week)

2024 Summer Vegetable Share Scheduled Perks:

May 25th & 26th

U-Plant before U-Pick Event Featuring CSA Open House

July 9,10,11

CSA Member Ice Cream Week 

August 13,14,15

CSA Member Grilled Corn Week

August 23rd

CSA Family Night 

September 17,18,19 

CSA Member Donut Week

 Fall on the Farm Weekends

Visit The “Back 40” to pick your member pumpkins

October 22,23,24

 CSA Popcorn & Cider

Purchase your shares online or by mailing a check or paying with cash or check on the farm, in season.